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What is the powerhouse for everything that exists in this world. How did everything come into being. There must be something which is the cause of the world. A root from which everything have blossomed. That one thing is termed in various ways. One energy, supreme consciousness, or God. Whatever one may say, it means the same. Just how a white light gives away all the colours when it shines through a prism; just how chair, table, cupboard, are made from just one wood, or a bracelet, earring and a necklace are made of gold. Similarly, everything is nothing but one consciousness. We all are that one same consciousness.

Consciousness is synonym with Self, Spirit, or the core of our Being. Being conscious means being aware. We use the word many times in our daily world. “Oh! I was so conscious on stage”. We usually become conscious when someone is watching us. Self is that which witnesses everything; a state of just being and that of complete awareness. When we just “be”, we are totally aware, totally in ‘that one’ moment, which is vast and deep and surpasses the past and future and ONLY the TRUTH remains.

There is a story from the Hindu philosophical texts called the Upanishads, dating perhaps more than 2500 years ago.

There are two birds sitting on the same tree, inseparable and best friends. The first bird eats from the tree of Life, sweet and sour fruits alike, chattering incessantly. The second bird just watches.

The first bird is our monkey mind that chatters about everything. It acts, analyses, fears and judges, and is circling around the second bird, constantly being the spotlight. This is the seat we usually are in.

The second bird just watches, but doesn’t judge. It has no opinion, no memory. It just receives, like a mirror, keeping nothing. Its the Consciousness. It is the undiscovered part in all of us which has always been there.

Every feeling, activity, emotion, in our mind and the body is witnessed through this very “Self” or “Consciousness” which is untouched by all these fleeting feelings, emotions and thoughts.

When we connect to the Self(second bird), everything else follows. Connecting to this Consciousness is what meditation is. With practice we can shift to this “Seer” anytime and watch everything with a calm presence. Once we take this seat, no one can take it away from us.

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