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How to do “Supta Udarakarshanasana (Sleeping Abdominal Stretch Pose)” and its Benefits

How to do it?

Step1: Lie on the back. Bend both the knees, and put your both the sole of the foot on the ground in front of the buttocks. Interlock your fingers of both hands at the back of the head, elbows and shoulders stay on the floor.

Step2: Inhale and while exhaling lower the knees towards the left and the head towards the right side, so that the right ears touch the ground and both the knees are also on the ground towards the left side. Stay in the position for few seconds while breathing normally. Keep the knees and feet together throughout the practise and make sure the shoulders and elbows are also in contact with the ground.

Step3: Inhale and bring the knees and head back to the centre. Exhale and twist knees to the right and head to the left. Stay in the position for few seconds while breathing normally. Inhale and bring back the knees and head to the centre.

Step4: This is one round. Practise 5 complete rounds.


  • Stretching and squeezing effect on the spinal muscles.
  • Relieves strain, stiffness caused for prolonged sitting.
  • Improves digestion, massages and tones the abdominal muscles and organs.
  • Eliminates constipation.

Note: The distance of the feet from the buttocks determine which area of the spine is being worked upon. If feet are farther from the buttocks the effect is more in the lower area of the spine. As the feet goes near to the buttocks, the adjustment rises up the spine. Therefore moving the feet 3cm each time  works on each area of the spine and brings suppleness to the entire spinal column.

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