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How to do “Supta Pawanmuktasana(leg lock pose)” and its Benefits


Step1: Lie in supine position, keep the feet together and hands close to body.

Step2: Raise the right leg up, then bend the knee and bring the right thigh to the chest. Clasp the shin portion(just below the knee) of the right leg with hands. Inhale deeply and then whilst exhaling bring forehead close to the right knee. Hold the position for few seconds. The other leg(left leg)  remains straight and relaxed on the ground.

Step3: Inhaling lower the head down on the floor and gently straighten and relax the legs on the floor too. This is one round.

Step4: Repeat this for few more times with right leg and then with the left leg.

Note: We should always start this practice with the right leg as it presses the ascending colon. Then it should be followed by the left leg as it presses the descending colon.


Repeat the above steps with both the legs.


  • High Blood Pressure, serious back conditions like slipped disc and sciatica.


  • Pawan means wind; Mukt means free, Therefore, this asana relieves one of trapped gas in the large intestine.
  • Also is helpful in other digestive problems like constipation.
  • It is also effective for menstrual disorders, and other problems related to the reproductive organs like impotence and sterility.
  • Stretches the neck and back.

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