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Acidity has become prevalent. Especially in India, as the Indian food is mostly acidic. Though some people’s stomach tolerance is high, some people suffer with even a small dose of junk food.

It has been found that people with O positive blood group are more prone to acidity and gastritis because of the higher inflammatory responses to H. pylori(Helicobacter Pyroli) bacteria in the stomach. These bacteria grow in the digestive tract. They are generally harmless but may cause problem when they penetrate the stomach lining and make the stomach vulnerable to harsh acids. This could be the reason for their stomach sensitivity. While this is one of the causes. Other causes include:

  • Junk, processed, over spicy, oily and fried food.
  • Overall wrong eating habits/patterns
  • Alcohol/smoking/tobacco
  • Stress(This is one of the MOST major factors for hyperacidity) the stomach and brain are interlinked, any stress results in over secretion of acid and untimely secretion of acid in the stomach.
  • Skipping meals
  • Medications

Whatever the cause, this alkaline water works like magic.


  • A glass bottle
  • A cucumber
  • A lemon
  • 1 litre water


  • Pour one litre of drinking water in a glass bottle.
  • Slice half cucumber like salad.
  • Cut the lemon in 4 pieces
  • Put both the sliced cucumber and lemon in the water.
  • (You may also add mint leaves for a more fresh flavour and added health benefit.)

When to make and When to drink?

  • Prepare this in the night and keep it overnight.
  • Drink early and the first thing in the morning

NOTE: Cucumber and lemon can be reused for 2 days. Just refill the bottle with 1 litre of water again. One can even drink it throughout the day provided two to three hours after eating and one to two hours before eating anything, otherwise it can interrupt in digestion. Therefore, the best time is to drink it in the morning empty stomach itself.


  • Improves the pH level of the blood making it alkaline thus prevents illness which could arise due to acidic blood.
  • It boosts up the immune system.
  • Vegetables are mainly alkaline, but the fruits are mainly acidic. Most of the grains, the spices and even milk is acidic. This is why alkaline water should become a part of our diet.
  • The various individual benefits that cucumber and lemon provide like lemon boosts the immune system, cleanses the system, and aids in digestion. Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties and rehydrates the body.
  • Keeps the skin healthy and glowing.

Note: Though lemons taste acidic they are actually alkaline when it goes in the digestive system.



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