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How to do “Naukasana(Boat Pose)” and its Benefits

Step1: Lie in the supine position with feet together and the hands close to and by the sides of the body, palms facing downwards on the floor.

Step2: Breathe in deeply and then raise the head, shoulder, trunk, feet, and arms off the floor, balancing on the buttocks. Keep the legs, hands and spine straight. The eyes, hands and the feet should be at the same level.

Step3: Hold posture while retaining the breath. In case you are holding the pose for a longer time then breathe in and out normally in the pose.

Step4: Release the posture and then breathe out, relaxing the body in the supine pose. Repeat for few more rounds(3 to 5).


  • Very good practice before the Shavasana practice as it relieves nervous tensions and allows deep rest.
  • Removes laziness and dullness in body and mind.
  • Very good effect on the abdominal region. Strengthens the abdominal muscles as well as improve the functions of the abdominal organs.
  • Effective for burning the fat belly.
  • Also strengthens the muscles of legs, neck, and shoulders

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