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Narad’s sutra for Happiness!

What is love? Is love an act, emotion, an expression, a sentiment?
Love is simply indescribable. For if you can define it, it is not love. We all have experienced love. There is none in the universe who is left out from having experienced love. For love permeates the entire cosmos.

“Love is in the air”

All the other emotions – anger, jealousy, hatred, arrogance, greed, and pride are distortions of love. If we notice we have all these emotions only because at one point of time we loved something and that has fermented into either of these “distortions of love”. We are angry usually on those whom we love, we are angry on situations when we love some ideals in life and they are broken. We are jealous of someone because we loved something and now someone else owns it. We hate something usually when we use to love them before. We do not hate strangers. We usually hate some ideas because we love some ideas and the ideas opposed to the ideas we love becomes the reason for our hatred. We are greedy when we love something so much and want more of it. We are proud on something we love. Therefore, if there is no love, these 6 distortions of love would not exist.

A human’s life revolves around these distortions. Its easy to relate to one of the situations in our life, when we were either angry, proud, jealous, etc and identify that it was because we loved something or someone.

In Narada Bhakti Sutra(sutra 66), Sage Narada tells us the way to handle these distortions: “Direct all these imperfections to the divine”. Even if we want to get angry, get angry at the divine.Get angry at the ignorance. Become jealous for being the most generous. Take pride in being humble. When we direct these distortions towards human or in a relationship, it bounces back to us. Therefore offer all actions, activities, these imperfections towards the divine.

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