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“Healing from Yog is much influential than any other healing” shares Yogi Abha Kumari

In 2003, while cleaning the house during auspicious and festive season of Navratri, I had a severe pain in my right knee. I went to a doctor and got to know that I had a ligament injury. For a year I took allopathic medicines. Those medicines were not of much help. I got sick of going to the doctors and taking medicines that seemed to have only placebo effect. Then I changed to Ayurvedic treatment. I continued Ayurvedic treatment for about six months, which again proved to be impotent on me.

My condition was so severe that I couldn’t even bend my right leg. I couldn’t sit cross legged. I could not stand for long. Doctors had advised me bed rest.At that time my kids were in school. My husband had his office. And then relatives and friends visiting us, I was all tired and in extreme pain.

Once Swami Atmabhishek Ji, from Bihar School of Yoga, visited my daughter’s school. My daughter asked him about my ailment. Swami Ji advised me the path of Yoga. I anyway had been suffering, so I thought of giving it a ‘try’.

I joined a yoga class nearby. Within 1 week, I felt relieved of the knee pain. In next 6 months, my knee was 80% cured. I continued the practice with faith and dedication and then I understood the meaning of the sutra in Patanjali Yoga Sutra – “Sa Tu Dirgha Kaal Nairantarya Satkara Saivito Dridha Bhumi” (Only with continuous practice without any break, for long period, with reverence and gratitude, can we get established in Yoga, and thus we get the benefits of yoga).

I was following yoga so dedicatedly that I was asked to take yoga classes in the same yoga centre. Then I was advised to complete a 4 months certification course from BSY and when I came back, I was 100% fit. I decided to give my selfless services to the centre I was working for. Yoga asana practice, pranayama and satsang were changing my thought patterns. I started working for 18-19 hours a day. I started teaching yoga to the needy ones for free.

As the time passed, I reached to that stage of my life where I became free of the responsibilities of my family. My kids had grown up. My in laws were no more. I gave my best, did whatever best I could do for them. And now at the age of 50 when women in our society retire from trying new things, shunning that away, I am pursuing MA in Yogic Science.

Being married at the age of 16 and being a house wife- I was very dependent and low in confidence. I had many responsibilities. I have faced many ups and downs being a woman, a mother and a daughter in law. But after imbibing Yoga into my life, I have become fearless. I can now face any challenge. Yoga has become my life. And now I want to reach out to maximum number of people and help them stay physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy. My goal is to spend rest if my life working for the betterment of others.

I wish everyone becomes sincere. They keep on doing good, every moment. If everyone does their part sincerely, this world will be a beautiful and healthy place to live in.

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