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Where is your MIND Now?

Our mind is usually involved in one or a mix of the following five activities/modulations of the mind. The following are the five types of thought waves (Vrittis). 1. In search of proof, or proving something(Through verbal testimony or scriptural revelation, through inference, or through direct perception) (PRAMAANA) 2. Wrong or False knowledge(VIPARYAYA) 3. Imagination, […]

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How to do Surya Namaskar?

“Surya Namaskar”, a sanskrit name literally translated as “Sun Salutations”. “Surya” stands for Sun and “Namaskar” is a mudra(hand gesture or position) which means means paying obeisance. Surya namaskar is a graceful combined sequence of twelve Asanas(physical postures) synchronised with breath and mantras. It should be done barefeet on a mat. One set of Surya […]

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What Mediation Really Is?

Many people regard meditation as concentration. This article is to clear your doubts about what meditation really is and why should we do it.   One of the ancient scripture “Patanjali Yog Sutras” written around 2000 years ago, by sage Patanjali also called as the father of modern Yoga, describes Meditation as “uninterrupted flow of […]

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