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9 Reasons to Rise Up Early Morning

9 Reasons to Rise Up Early Morning

Reasons to rise up early morning!

We have all heard this popular phrase:
“Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

According to the ancient traditional system of medicine of India, Ayurveda, rising up early, approximately one and a half hours before sunrise which is called the “Brahma Muhurta” is best for a healthy and a long life. The first text in any Ayurvedic text for daily regimen to be followed is:

“Brahmi muhurtam uttishthet swastho rakshartham Ayusha: tatra sarvartha shantyartham smareccha madhusudanam”

which means:

That one should wake up at the time Brahma Muhurta for a long life span as desired and for sustaining a perfect healthy life.

This time of the day has been described as “Amrit Bela” translated as “THE NECTAR TIME”. Lets explore why.

1. Nectar in the form Ozone: During the time of Brahma Muhurta, ‘Ozone’, the dense form of oxygen, is present in the atmosphere, and depletes just before sunrise.

2. The time of freshness: Since hardly any living being is awake that moment and rarely any activities of most living beings happens during that time, the pollution in the atmosphere is minimum. Breathing in fresh oxygen, in a pollution free atmosphere keeps the body healthy and mind fresh.

3. Highest energy/Prana time:This time is also said to be the best time for meditation and self analysis. During this time, there is highest energy or highest Prana(The subtle life force) in the atmosphere and the absorption power of the mind is at the highest during this time. It is best time for self-study, or any other spiritual practise to get more depth. For students, Brahmi Muhurta is the best time to study enabling maximum concentration.

4. Natural Anti-Ageing: Tuning our biological clock to the nature’s clock is the best way for reversing the ageing process and rising up at Brahma muhurta puts us in perfect synchronization to the natural clock.

5. Spiritual blossoming: Various catalytic reactions, physical, mental and biological take place during this time in the atmosphere which helps in the spiritual blossoming of the individuals.

6. The Pure and Auspicious time:This time of the day is most auspicious and Satwik(Pure) in nature. Hence, if one wakes up early in the morning, the mind will be filled up with all the positivity and energy during this period. A fresh start of the day is followed by a happier rest of the day.

7. Secretion of the cortisol hormone: One interesting thing about waking up early is that the Cortisol hormone secretion in the body is at maximum during morning hours. It is a powerful hormone involved in overall health and well-being of the body and also helps in the regulation of stress. Waking up early can be stress buster and good for overall health.

8. Efficiency: Getting up early gives time to schedule the day’s activities much better, which leads to a quality and efficient work throughout the day and reduces stress.

9. The Vata factor: According to Ayurveda, Vata Dosha prevails during the Brahma Muhurta. Vata Dosha is responsible for movements both internal(easy evacuation of bowel) and external(flexibility) of the body. Thus its a good time to improve flexibility and perform exercises/Yoga/Yogasanas. Vata is also responsible for the functioning of sense organs, enthusiasm, mental activities such as grasping, understanding, memory, etc. It also ensures the proper secretion and release of hormones, enzymes, etc in the body. Thus, a well-balanced Vata is essential to keep the body and mind in a healthy and happy condition. Mind is filled with enthusiasm and the bodily functions take place properly if one wakes up early. Thus one is far away from diseases.


Getting up early can be difficult, but looking at the multifold benefits, it sure is a motivation to get up before sunrise. Good Morning!!



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