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4 After Effects of Everyday Yoga Practice

Yoga is a great way to enhance and maintain ones physical and mental health. It has proved its usefulness in day-to-day activities and preventing lifestyle disorders. Yoga has been accepted all over the world by millions of people because of all the great benefits it offers.

As we all know stress has become an inevitable part of our lives. On top of it, pollution and low grade food items worsen it. To get the most out of the practice it is very important to practice it every day religiously. In even a month of regular yoga practice you will begin to experience the changes listed below.

Experience these four side effects of regular yoga practice in a month:

1 – Better Focus

Everything around us is seeking attention. If there is a lack in focus then we are distracted most of the times resulting in poor productivity. One who practices yoga and meditates regularly will learn to withdraw the senses from the external objects and keep the focus within one’s own boundary. If not external distractions, we often tend to get distracted by the thoughts and emotions in our own mind. In fact our thoughts are highly responsible for our poor focus. Yoga is known to silence the mind and balance the emotions. The silencing effect of yoga can be felt right after the practice and throughout the day. With regular practice of yoga, focus will improve gradually making you more productive, creative and clear headed.

2 – Better Posture

Most of us work on computers and sit all day long often getting into bad postures. It requires an extra effort to correct the posture but we tend to forget about it. Yoga is an excellent way to strengthen the spine and the muscles, which are responsible for our posture. Doing yoga makes us aware of our bodies. With this kind of awareness one can effortlessly maintain a good posture and correct it whenever required. Good posture follows every yoga practitioner.

3 – Feel good LOOK good

Our looks are directly related to how we feel. We look good when we are happy, confident and healthy. However life is full of ups and downs, which can leave us sad and depressed. The flow of energy gets disrupted when we are not happy. When we practice yoga we break out of these depressing thoughts and emotions and start to live in the present moment. The energy flows freely and nourishes the whole body. It is then we glow and look real good!

Also, yoga tones our body muscles, organs and all the systems in the body making our body well shaped, strong and healthy; adding more to ‘feel good, look good’ factor

4- A sense of relaxation

When things are not under our control (mostly) we tend to become stiff and tensed. Normally our body gets back into its natural relaxed state. But, often our body loses its ability to relax itself due to excessive stress leading to prolonged tension in the body and mind. Yoga works by stimulating the body in such a way that it results in ultimate relaxation. Various yogic breathing techniques are excellent for relaxation too.

It does not matter which one of these you want to achieve as it all comes in a package with everyday yoga practice.

It is always preferable to practice Yoga in the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher.


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