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Serotonin and Oxytocin are released by the brain during meditation. These are chemicals directly related to Happiness. The brain loves being happy, the reason why people who are happier are always more productive, efficient, etc.

2nd way to HACK THE BRAIN is


Our brain uses energy generated in our body to function and as result brain give out waste in the form of beta-amyloid,. Now this beta-amyloid, gets flushed by the CSF(Cerebral Spinal Fluid) in the brain, to clear the brain of the brain-waste. If this beta-amyloid, is not flushed out completely which happens when the brain is involved in much activity and because of lack of sleep, the CSF is unable to flush all areas of the brain, then results diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s. We need to sleep because while we sleep, the tissues in the brain relaxes, creating space, allowing CSF to enter all parts of the brain to clear beta-amyloid. Lack of sleep doesn’t allow this to happen fully.

3rd way to HACK THE BRAIN is


With age some neurones in the brain start dying.  Thats why with age the brain gets slower. When you exercise, part in brain called hippocampus generates new neurones. Exercise not only keeps the body young but even the brain.

Source: From BAWA’S TED TALK.

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